It’s official now. In Instagram there is a real baby boom. But not just because influencers both within our borders and abroad have become pregnant, motherhood has also knocked on the door of the celebrities that populate the social network.

If a few days ago they were Gigi Hadid and then Emma Roberts The Chrissy Teigen those who confirmed their pregnancy through their Instagram profile, has now been Ashley Tisdale the one who has given the news that he is pregnant from his first son.

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Of course, how could it be otherwise, it has also done it Instagram through, with a photo with her husband, the music producer for film and television Christopher French, who has not hesitated to give the news on his profile. A collection of two very tender images, in which both appear with their heads joined or facing each other with the belly of Ashley in the middle.

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No words were needed, just the image of Tisdale pregnant to give the news, and that is, little more needs to be explained. But that does not mean that the announcement of the singer and actress’s pregnancy has completely caught her followers and the rest of the social network by surprise. And, unlike what happened with Emma Roberts, no rumor had been released about the artist’s pregnancy. In addition, despite having followed the most active on Instagram, uploading Reels in which we have even been able to see her full-length, and posts, no one had suspected anything, not even when she was wearing wide sweatshirts, although now we have already tied the dots and perhaps they weren’t just for being comfortable at home.

The Instagram post of Ashley Tisdale It has almost two million likes in just a few hours, which indicates that this number will continue to rise, and with more than 30,000 comments that congratulate the couple and applaud how adorable they are, like the actress Kaley Cuoco, Vanessa Hudgens or Hilary Duff’s sister, Hailey Duff.

Congratulations, partner! We are looking forward to seeing the face of your little one.

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