Ashley Tisdale highlights the change of Dylan and Cole Sprouse (‘Riverdale’) in her birthday message

Dylan y Cole Sprouse (‘Riverdale‘) starred in the series’Hotel, Sweet Hotel: The Adventures of Zac and Cody‘. They were twins, they were 12 years old and lived in a hotel, and the best thing is that the Disney Channel diva par excellence, Ashley Tisdale (‘High School Musical‘) shared filming with them. The three are an icon of our childhood and for three seasons and 87 episodes they shared adventures together.

Now own Ashley Tisdale show off the good relationship which he continues to maintain with the two actors fifteen years after the series began. Something that he wanted to show with the congratulations he sent them on the actors’ recent 28th birthday.

In this way, Ashley was responsible for uploading to the networks two beautiful images of her “little brothers” as she herself has nicknamed. And it is that Tisdale never doubts in showing off them. The complete message and the photos that Ashley Tisdale has uploaded to congratulate them can be found in the video above.

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