Ashley Tisdale is pregnant with her first child! What a ‘fabulous’ news

If you are freaking out with this news, it is because you are getting closer and closer to belonging to the XXL group of people at risk of contagion by old age or the same for pulmonary pathologies because you lost some of them trying to do the choreographies of ‘High School Musical’ super into the role. The movies of Disney Channel they were not seen, they lived.

Let’s see, is that We are not talking about any second-rate celebrity, far from a daughter of the clan Matamoros, no, please, let’s not insult. We are talking about the actress who gave life to Sharpay Evans, the terrible bad of the movie, the first teenager to have a BlackBerry and with which a whole planet with pimples and braces empathized because it never had (nor will have) in its claws Zac Efron.

She also gave life to the candy girl from ‘Zack and Cody’, and now she will give life to her first baby. She herself has been the one has announced it to their fans in their social networks, like any good famous that is provided. What a shame that you are missing out on going out in a tracksuit to the portal crying (with joy or sorrow) to give a news to the press, right, Chenoa?

In the photo appears pregnant with her partner since 2014, Christopher French, very combined in white, well, what we would call in Spain an ‘Ibizan look’.

We would say it the same without understanding a damn about the effects of alcohol, and that is that there is no Ibiza party without a good party that is provided in which white clothes end up in the garbage by some wine stains of who knows what time. It has never happened to me, a friend told me.

“You are the most beautiful thing in the world”, even if it is what I think of you, those of you who have reached paragraph five reading me, is what the actress Vanessa Hudgens has commented to what was her supporting partner in the most legendary movie of ‘Disney Chanel’. From here, I propose to the chain to make a ‘Neighborhood Cinema Disney version’: those films are, were and will be a gem of our culture. Of course, I can make a hole in my schedule to present it …

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