Asian Cup | Hong Kong Football Club 6 will attract more than 100 fans to the mall

The members of the Hong Kong Football Club who attended the event included Liu Xueming, Luo Zijun, Dumas, Huang Wei, Ju Yingzhi, and Jian Jiaheng. When they came out, they were greeted by fans chanting “We are Hong Kong” and applauding. After the event, a large number of fans asked for autographs and photo interactions. . Among the 6 players in attendance, Huang Wei, who played in all 3 Asian Cup qualifying games, was the most popular and was called “Wei Wei” by many fans. However, the 29-year-old midfielder joked that he was still far from becoming an idol. Refers to Hong Kong football teammate An Yongjia “tall, handsome, good wave”, and has the potential to act as an idol.

He said that in the past, he only participated in similar fan activities when He Fu Tai Po won the Hong Kong Super League championship in the 2018/19 season. The fans support us and we will hold similar events at a larger venue at that time.” He was loaned to Hong Kong U23 by the Oriental Long-Lions this season, saying that due to the unfinished contract with the club, he will announce the upcoming season in July.

Ju Yingzhi, who has played for the Hong Kong team for 12 years, is one of the few in the team who experienced both the 2015 World Cup qualifiers and the Hong Kong football boom outside the Asian Cup. He said that the atmosphere outside the World Cup was more fiery than today, but he is convinced that the team will compete in Asia. During the Cup, it will attract more support from Hong Kong people, and appeal to fans to come to the scene to support, “If there is time and money, I hope they can come to the scene to support, and players always want to express themselves in front of fans.” He, who played for Guanzhong Nan District this season, revealed that his whereabouts in the coming season is undecided, but stressed that even if he returns to free agency, he is still willing to represent Hong Kong Football Club in the East Asia Cup in Japan next month.

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