Asmus could have escaped with her daughter from the "drunken" Kharlamov in Dubai


The wife of Comedy Club resident Garika Christina Asmus went with her daughter to the Emirates and has already sent the first enthusiastic posts on Instagram. Fans have immediately noticed the absence of Kharlamov in the picture and unusual for the last post of Asmus joy on his face. It was immediately hypothesized that the divorce of star couples, which has been discussed for more than a week, is approaching.

Earlier it was reported that experts of these on the Internet have long accused Asmus of treason against his rightful spouse. As you know, Garik loves to "lie down on his collar", moreover, he is not athletic and has problems with overweight, which was once again ridiculed by his fellow artisans live on television.

Also, Kharlamov is a rather well-known ragtag, and he likes to make hard-core jokes and sing famous songs by respected artists in the format below the belt. This is just his "karaoke" "Green-eyed suck", which is a cover for a similar artist, honored by the songs, Mikhail Boyarsky.

And now, it seems, this time Christina could not stand him – she still raises her daughter when her mother husband is chubby, who, it is possible, is not able to adequately satisfy the young actress in bed, due to the poor physical condition. He repeatedly supported Garik publicly, convincing everyone that it's all right with the young. But the fans have repeatedly noted and his appearance turned upside down, and the depressed state of Garik, apparently because of the carefully hidden disagreements with his wife.

However, in the film in Dubai, Kristina lights up with happiness, which has also given fans a bit of food for thought and has suggested that some Arabs could "bring them happiness" in the absence of her husband.



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