Asmus has not lived with Kharlamov for several months – Insider: Show Business: VladTime


Sources close to celebrities say they have not yet officially announced a divorce, but as husband and wife they do not live together.

Recently, more and more rumors have emerged about the couple of Garik Kharlamov and Christina Asmus. According to the information available, the actress recently visited the Maldives and did not dare to take her husband with her. At the same time, from time to time he created sincere and provocative images. Some revealed themselves, as they say, "on the edge of a phallus" and then began to talk online about the fact that a couple of Kharlamovs and Asmus certainly had something wrong.

Christina herself later said she had flown to the Maldives for a reason, but for the pleasure of shooting a new movie. In it, his company is none other than one of Russia's most ambitious young actors – Alexander Petrov. He has long been credited with novels with the most fascinating colleagues in the trade, but the "neighborhood" with Asmus on set has raised many rumors and speculations about their novel. Furthermore, neither Alexander nor Christina was in a hurry to refute these rumors.

As a result, the contact came from insiders who claimed to have verified information that Christina did not live with the Comedy Club resident for several months. His trip to the Maldives in solitary mode occurred not only because of the occupation in the new image. According to insiders, has a new relationship and this is Alexander Petrov, with whom he had an intrigue even before being on the set.

You just have to wait for the official comments of the parties involved, but now you can argue that in the family Kharlamov and Asmus, despite the common child, everything is not so simple and soon you can already say publicly: "Goodbye, Bulldog"

Nikolay Ofitserov




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