ASPS Targets 15 Anti-Covid Stocks Avoid short-term fluctuations>> Asia Plus Securities pointed out that the global stock market has returned to volatility, worried about the covid epidemic in Europe. lockdown some countries on the weak baht Fund flow slows, targets 15 anti-coronavirus stocks The price dropped to support the upside and openness, helping to balance the portfolio.

Asia Plus Securities (ASPS) sees global stock market volatility from concerns about the spread of the coronavirus in Europe Until many countries resumed the lockdown measures, while in the country the baht began to weaken. Fund flow slowed inflows. which is consistent with past covid epidemic events When the epidemic is heavy, such as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th wave, used to put pressure on the SET Index, adjusted the average base around -5% and Fund Flow flows out of the stock market every time.

However, when the SET Index has adjusted its base strongly due to concerns about COVID-19 There are still a number of stocks that can outperform the market.

1. Individual boosters during the COVID-19 PERSON group (rubber glove stocks), HELTH (Covid testing, treatment, alternative vaccines), PKG (more packaging use).

2. Groups based on global economic recovery STEEL, CONMAT, AUTO, AGRI raw material prices increase

3. ETRON, ICT Technology Group: Trends for Adapting to COVID as a catalyst for the use of technology and more long-distance communication

ASPS Research is also digging into the list of stocks that are most likely to fight the coronavirus, and their current valuation is still interesting. through the following conditions:

1. Make a better average return during the covid wave 2,3,4 than SET (>-5%)

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2. Prices have fallen from their peak this year by more than 10%.

3. Research Department recommends “Buy” and open upside

For results, recommend 15 anti-Covid stocks. Avoid short-term fluctuations: ASK, INSET, SCGP, BCH, NER, VNG, INTUCH, TMT, DOHOME, SFT, STGT, DCC, SCC, SPVI, STA.

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