Assassination of Juliana Giraldo by shooting of a soldier: IACHR condemned the murder of Juliana Giraldo and called for a speedy investigation | International

Through your account Twitter, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ruled on him murder of Juliana Giraldo occurred in the department of Cauca and called the State to do all investigations of the case with due diligence.

The message says that the authorities “must take into account the identity and gender expression of the victim” and adopt the necessary reparation measures, as well as guarantee human rights in the interventions of the armed forces.

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The Commission reiterates that the use of force on the part of the State security forces “must follow the principles of legality, necessity, reasonableness and proportionality”, always putting the protection of all citizens.

For his part, the director for the Americas of the organization Human Rights Watch, Jose Miguel VivancoHe stated that it is “a new case of military abuse in Colombia.” He added that the government refuses to discuss reforms to security policies.

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