World Assaulted with a knife at a journalist in full...

Assaulted with a knife at a journalist in full transmission in vivo in Brazil

A journalist of the chain of news CNN Brazil it was assaulted by a man as was going out live on a mobile phone. Bruna Marcedo gave a report from a bridge of the city of Saint Paul, in Brazil, when the offender threatened her with a knife and stole two cell phones.

The communicator was chatting with the driver of the newscast, Rafael Colombo, when a person appeared on the screen and she began to show a noticeable discomfort. To see what was happening, the production of the channel pulled the image out of the air. But the theft was issued almost full.

Marcedo had come to the Bridge of The Flags to show how he had grown the flow of the river a product of the intense rains that had been given in the morning. After the theft, the presenter confirmed that his partner had suffered a theft and told took away his two cell phones.

“It was impossible to understand at that moment what was happening, if it was a homeless person, but after what happened, we cut the image and she explained that she had been assaulted“explained Colombo.

And explained: “Threatened her and she handed him her cell phone, but I knew I had twobecause it has one private and one corporate”. This data gave indications that the offender was watching the movements of the woman and noticed that she had two phones.

Finally, the journalist returned to the channel and, despite the fact that I was in shock, suffered no physical injury. “She is well not suffered any type of injury. She will now present a complaint to the police. Took the day and went home to recover from the incident”, said the presenter to bring peace of mind to the viewers.

The Secretariat of Public Security of Brazil reported in an official statement that the reporter made the complaint and the Civil Police was able to arrest the man who had stolen.



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