“Assemble! Animal Crossing Friends Club” naked BUG makes the animal’s clothes disappear, and the cafe turns into a celestial camp | 4Gamers

“Assemble! Animal Crossing New Horizon launched the new DLC content in November, “Happy Home Paradise” (Happy Home Paradise), which kept many islanders busy for a while, but apparently there was a small bug that transferred most of them. The focus is that the animal islanders seem to have become nudists.

Yes, in this game, except for the singer KK who is not wearing clothes, all the other animal islanders who appear on the stage will wear clothes. However, there is a small bug in the DLC version of “Happy Family Paradise”, which makes the Dove Cafe seem to become a In the Tiantiying coffee shop, all the animal clothes in it have disappeared.

Yes, this BUG seems to only appear in cafes on the resort island, and there is still no information on how to trigger the BUG, ​​but many overseas players have already shared the rare pictures they have captured, even if they are not wearing clothes, every animal The modeling itself is not sloppy.

For example, the coat colors of Yangshao and Vanilla have a clear distribution, the cute Yamei Yamei has a white belly, and the tentacle suckers of the octopus Zhang Lina are also fully portrayed.

So far, Nintendo is still trying to fix this bug, so players can take advantage of the side under the clothes of the animals to do some academic research.

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Of course, this bug will only appear after installing the “Happy Family Paradise” DLC, as all the experts know, this requires a little price after all, right.


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