Assimi Goita steps forward as Mali’s new strongman, Security Council puts pressure on Malian coup plotters

Unlike a large part of the Malian population, the coup d’état abroad is not met with applause. In response, the African Union suspended Mali’s membership, which “has been restored to constitutional order”. She calls on the coup plotters to release the president and the other politicians.

Tonight, the UN Security Council condemned the coup and called on the mutineers to return to their barracks and release all imprisoned politicians.

The other member states of the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) had reported shortly before Keita ‘s speech last night that they are closing their borders with Mali and that they do not intend to give the coup perpetrators any legitimacy. Another regional organization, the G5 Sahel (besides Mali, these are Burkina Fao, Chad, Mauritania and Niger), are also calling on the coup plotters to release the president and resolve the country’s problems “through peaceful dialogue”.

The coup was also condemned from France, the former colonizer. France has a large military force in the fight against Islamist terror, and the United Nations is present with the Minusma mission.

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