Asteroid crashing towards Earth as scientists fear it could clash within decades


A newly discovered asteroid could collide with Earth over decades, astronomers fear.

The space rock nicknamed SU3 of 2019 does not represent a threat now, but it could do so in 65 years.

In the video above: what would happen if an asteroid collided with the Earth?

SU3 2019 has been added to List of risks in the European Space Agency this week and is expected to make a close transition to our planet by 2084.

Based on trajectory estimates, which become more and more precise as the technology develops, the rock will pass within about 9,700 kilometers of the Earth.

Although it may seem a safe distance, the moon is more than 383,000 kilometers away.

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Estimates show that the rock has a 1% chance of colliding with the Earth.

But even if it is unlikely, it is not the safe zero percent that scientists love to see, which means that SU3 2019 is present in the list of risks.



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