Technology Asteroid hits the Moon and the crash is recorded...

Asteroid hits the Moon and the crash is recorded on video

Due to the house confinement experienced around the world by COVID-19, millions of people are confined to their homes with the intention of not being infected by the virus that (until this August 1) has infected more than 17 million 600 thousand people worldwide.

Despite the fact that quarantine can represent monotony, and even boredom for many people, the internet and technology have served to make the confinement more enjoyable.

This is demonstrated with the following viral video, since it is a clip that records the exact moment in which an asteroid generates one more crater on the Moon by impacting its surface, also causing the visual effect of an explosion.

A new crater to the Moon
It was during the total lunar eclipse on January 20 that an asteroid crash on the Selenite surface was recorded.

The event known as “Blood Moon” occurred on that day of January 2020, when exactly at 10:41:38 p.m. (CDMX time) this impact of both bodies was witnessed.

In addition, the impact caused a part of the energy to be immediately converted into light, thus generating the visual effect that any explosion would have, which in turn could be registered by the telescopes of the University of Huelva, this according to information issued by National Geographic Spain.

The asteroid was traveling at an average speed, so the impact was approximately 61,000 kilometers per hour, this according to information from the same article.


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