Asteroids 2016 NJ33 and 2019 MW1: NASA gives the go-ahead – THESE huge asteroids run towards the earth!


NASA observes space with the eyes of an eagle.
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This week still several huge asteroids fly over the Earth. One of these is a particularly powerful piece. Fortunately, NASA observes all the space giants that can come dangerously close to our land. In a collision, the asteroids could cause enormous damage on Earth. Fortunately, according to NASA, no danger to humanity on their part.

Asteroids July 12, 2019 and July 13, 2019: huge boulders near the earth

On its website, the Center for Near Earth Object Studies lists asteroids whose trajectories are very close to the blue planet. But don't worry: it's very close. As close to the Earth, NASA has defined a distance less than 3.84 million kilometers, or ten times the distance between the lunar stars. This is still quite far.

On 12.07.2019, two asteroids are falling over the earth. Get started asteroid 2019 KD3. It is a true giant with a diameter of 62 to 140 meters. At 08.42 it should reach the point closest to the ground. This is followed by the "2016 NJ33" asteroid at 8:16 pm. With a diameter between 24 and 54 meters it is really much smaller, but even with these dimensions it could cause enormous damage in an emergency.

Asteroid 2019 MW1 will visit the Earth on 13.07.2019. Around 6.10 o'clock, this piece of rock reaches the point close to the earth. With a diameter of 34 to 75 meters, it is the second largest in the championship. However, humanity must not fear. From none of the three pieces is a danger to the earth.

Catastrophic consequences of the impact of an asteroid on Earth

The consequences of an impact would be catastrophic. In 2013, the explosion of a meteorite 20 meters wide above the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, revealed the destructiveness of an asteroid. About 7,000 buildings were damaged, injuring around 1,500 people. It is said that the explosion had the destructive power of 30-40 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. It is also believed to have been an impact with an asteroid that killed dinosaurs millions of years ago.

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