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asthma patients should eat these things, why after all – Electroziq

Asthma is a very difficult disease to control. In such a situation, asthma patients should be careful about their diet as many things can increase the pain of asthma patients. Asthma patients should include certain foods in their diet, which can improve their health by eating. Sometimes infection, stress, coughing can make the asthma situation worse. Let us tell you what things should be used in the diet of asthma patients.

Legumes contain a large amount of protein. There are many legumes that are beneficial to health. These pulses are good for the lungs, so asthma patients should consume them. Apart from that, the digestive power is also enhanced by the consumption of legumes.

Green vegetables Green vegetables are very beneficial for the lungs. Eating green vegetables does not cause phlegm in the lungs, which reduces the risk of attack in asthma patients. Regular consumption of green vegetables also makes the intestines and lungs of the body work properly.

Foods rich in vitamin C
The antioxidant is found in abundance in vitamin C, which protects the lungs. One study found that people who eat more vitamin C-rich foods are less at risk of having an asthma attack, so asthma patients, especially oranges, broccoli, kiwi, and melon, should eat.

Use of cinnamon honey
The consumption of honey and cinnamon is very beneficial for asthmatic patients. Mixing two to three pinches of cinnamon with a teaspoon of honey before going to bed at night helps to relax the lungs.

Adding basil
Tulsi also has antioxidant properties, so drinking two to three basil leaves in tea reduces the risk of attack in asthma patients. Tulsi improves the body’s immune system. Tulsi is also a very effective medicine for avoiding seasonal illnesses. Asthma patients are prone to seasonal illnesses like colds and coughs, so they should eat basil regularly.

Consume apples regularly
People who eat apples regularly are less likely to have an asthma attack. The flavonide element present in apples helps transport oxygen to the lungs, so eating apples is beneficial for asthma patients.

Coffee and black tea
Coffee is also used to supply oxygen to the lungs because the caffeine in it is a type of broncholiter, which increases the amount of oxygen in the lungs. Coffee and black tea also increase energy in the body.

Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. News in Hindi 18 not confirmed The fact. Before implementing them, contact the relevant specialist.


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