Astic warns about new border collapses due to Brexit due to the lack of coordination of bureaucratic procedures between countries

There are new risks in transport derived from Brexit according to Astic.

The International Road Transport Association, Astic, has warned its associates in a note of the risk of new kilometer lines of trucks and of the possible inattention of drivers professionals as has already happened in Calais and Dover.

For Astic, the ports of Bilbao and Santander they can be the alternative to the transit of goods in the English Channel and become two important new connection points with the United Kingdom; This would avoid possible withholding problems in the typical steps of the Canal by Eurotunnel ferry.

As noted Ramón Valdivia, general manager of Astic, “We have not yet returned to the usual volumes of passage, but if the uniformity of required documents is not well greased, we will face new episodes of border chaos with large queues of trucks, thousands of lost hours and neglect of professionals.” It should be remembered that usually more than 10,000 trucks a day cross between the UK and Europe with goods in both directions.

For this reason, Astic has requested coordination between the different computer systems in order to facilitate transport companies that can operate agilely in modality comodal with shipping companies that connect Spain with the United Kingdom. According to this employer’s association, customs and port authorities must accelerate normalization before the volumes of merchandise exchanged between both parties return to their normal state.

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