Aston Martin launches new photos of Valkyrie Superstar


Hani Nasr Al Arabi – You are reading the news Aston Martin launches new images of Valkyrie superheroes and now with all the details only on Gulf 365

Valkyrie is the most attractive Aston Martin in history.

Valkyrie is not just another Aston Martin car, it is the embodiment of the company's best performance, and since the production of a supercar like the Valkyrie is not a simple activity, Aston has collaborated with a certain number of specialized engineering companies such as Cosworth, the all-natural engine we find in Valkyrie produces 1,130 hp. The car is also equipped with a brake recovery system developed by Remac. And do not forget the basic partner of Aston Martin, the Red Bull Racing Team.

In his new album, Valkyrie presents two shades of blue and a black interior color that boasts F1 technology, sports seats and carbon fiber.

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