Aston Villa communicated its final decision on the loan of Jhon Jáder Durán for the U-20 World Cup

The Colombian U-20 team added this Sunday the second drop in the preliminary list for the U-20 World Cup. Forward Jhon Jáder Durán, who currently plays for Aston Villa in England, joined Isaac Alzate as the players who will not be considered by national coach Héctor Cárdenas.

The technical staff of the Tricolor kept the slight hope of being able to count on one of its most experienced names, however, from British soil they lowered their thumbs and confirmed that the plans with Durán are totally different.

It should be remembered that Fifa does not require clubs to lend their players for this youth tournament, so the federations depend exclusively on what they decide on the team of origin.

speaking for Birmingham Live, the Spanish coach resolved the doubts about Durán’s presence in the World Cup. “Our idea is to keep it,” said Emery, closing all options from now on despite the management of the FCF and his representative, who traveled to England to manage the loan.

“Our idea is that he stay with us. We want to work with him and let him rest when we tell him to rest. We want to make a path, a strategy with him, that he improves and that his performance gives it to us here “he added.

Aston Villa sees Durán as an interesting project for the future in which they are less concerned that this season he has not yet scored goals and barely added minutes in the final part of the games. Next season, according to Emery’s words, will be the one in which they expect their explosion.

“I think he is very, very young. It is his first experience playing at this level and we need to talk to him regularly about the circumstances that have happened around him,” Emery added.

Although the Villa fans ask that Durán have more minutes, the DT considers that it is better to go step by step. “His potential is really great. Ours and my responsibility is to try to exploit him and to try to be very, very picky with him,” she said.

Of the 25 players initially called, Cárdenas only has 23 names left available for put together that definitive call of 21 names that will be registered with Fifa next week and that will be known before Wednesday the 10th, date in which they will leave for Argentine soil with the illusion of fighting for the title.

Preliminary call – Colombia Sub-20 Selection

1. Alexei Rojas Fedorushchenko, Arsenal Football Club (ING)

2. Alexis Castillo Manyoma, Cortuluá Football Club

3. Andrés Salazar Osorio, Atlético Nacional

4. Daniel Andres Luna, RCD Mallorca (ESP)

5. Daniel Esteban Pedrozo, Real Cartagena FC

6. Devan Austin Tanton Pedraza, Fulham (ING)

7. Édier Ocampo Vidal, Atlético Nacional

8. Fernando Antonio Álvarez, Pachuca Soccer Club (MEX)

9. Gustavo Puerta Molano, 1. FC Nuremberg (ALE)

10. Isaac Zuleta Rendon, Getafe CFSAD (ESP)

11. Jhojan Camilo Torres, Independent Santa Fe

12. Jhon Jáder Durán, Aston Villa Football Club (ENG)

13. Jhon Jaider Velez, Junior FC

14. Jorge Cabezas Hurtado, Independent Medellin

15. José Mateo Mejía, Manchester United FC (ENG)

16. Juan Andres Castile, Houston Dynamo FC (USA)

17. Juan Diego Castilla, CEIF Fortress

18. Julian Andres Palacios, Envigado FC

19. Kevin Andrés Mantilla, Independent Santa Fe

20. Luis Miguel Angulo, Oil Alliance

21. Luis Miguel Marquines, Atlético Nacional

22. Miguel Angel Monsalve, Independent Medellin

23. Óscar Manuel Cortés, Millionaires FC

24. Tomás Ángel Gutiérrez, Atlético Nacional

25. Yasser Esneider Asprilla, Watford Football Club (ING)

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