Astrological weather for the week of November 23 to 29

Days of great revelation … sign by sign

The week starts with a Moon in Pisces in aspect to Mercury in Scorpio, inviting us to flow and let go, as well asWe continue to drain everything that is no longer vital in us.

In fact, Mercury will be very active all week putting clarity and understanding on issues of abuse of power vs horizontal relationships, where empathy, respect and sensitivity will be the values ​​that will be re-emerging in us

empathy, respect and sensitivity will be the values ​​that will be resurfacing in us

How might each sign be feeling it? We are going to take the Ascendant as a reference. Remember that this is not a futuristic forecast, my intention is that each one resonates with what they are feeling and be the creator of their own reality

* If you don’t know your Ascendant you can find it here.

* If you have any specific questions, you can write to me a mi IG. I will gladly advise you on what you need


Ascendant in Aries

These days will be ideal if you are looking to get to the bottom of an issue, mainly to understand where you are moving from when making a decision. If you pay attention and allow yourself to go to the annoying, to the uncomfortable, and to what you reject, you will be able to let out a hitherto unknown facet of you. Do you dare to let go of your analytical mind and surrender to feeling without judgment?

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Ascendant in Taurus

Very busy days at the link level. How is your relationship as a couple? Do you feel that they are in individual growth within the relationship? Or are there interests and conditions present between the two? And if you are not in a relationship, ask yourself what value you give yourself and if you can share with someone from detachment and acceptance of each one. Take advantage of these days that many things will be coming to light

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Rising in Gemini

You are in a stage of great transformation, both personally and at work. And part of this process is to get closer to the unity that is in you, knowing that who you are internally is projected to the world through your talent. Are you ready for this act of bravery that involves being consistent with yourself and being who you came to be? How much does the gaze of others weigh and condition in your own awakening? These days you can see it more clearly

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Rising in Cancer

This week will be ideal to observe the path of life that you have been traveling. Do you do what you are passionate about? What place do you give yourself in your relationship? What are your highest ideals and aspirations? Are you going on that path or are you doing what life brings you even if it is not your own choice? Although they seem different themes in the background, it is the same: are you being consistent with what you feel?

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Ascending in Leo

These days will be key to finding in you the change that you expect outside. We are creators of our reality, but we were taught that we are victims of circumstances. Are you ready to change the way you perceive the world? If you risk going this way you will see changes that you never imagined. What do you lose by trying?

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Ascendant in Virgo

Suitable days to give yourself only to feel. Your mind can be very active, but don’t get caught up in that maze that leads nowhere; just name what you are feeling and, little by little, everything will settle down. Can you be present at every moment without distractions? Going small will bring big changes in your life

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Ascending in Libra

These days will bring you a lot of light so that you connect with your personal value, your inner resources, everything positive that you have to offer and that many times you do not recognize. Can you be kinder to yourself, in the way you take care of yourself, talk to yourself and inhabit yourself? The world out there can wait, the real revolution is in

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Ascendant in Scorpio

In this year of great challenges and mobilization, this week comes to bring you a little peace. Not because you don’t keep learning, but because if you allow it, you will be more open and receptive to what life brings you. Remember: rejection and control are what causes us pain, not events per se. So to enjoy and relax, which is the attitude that determines our reality

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Ascendant in Sagittarius

These days will be ideal to go inside and see what information appears related to your past. There are the roots of the problems we have today, but there are also the enormous potentials that will make you shine. Are you ready to dive into your story, to turn your life around, being the true protagonist?

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Ascendant in Capricorn

These days will be ideal to start approaching you from a different place. Lower the demand, the duty to be, the expectations and the rigidity to give place to your softest, most vulnerable, warm and authentic part. It is not true that life demands sacrifice: we came to shine, each one with its unique and genuine light; we just have to be careful not to fall into the trap of fear and external conditioning. Do you allow yourself to take these days to yourself?

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Ascendant in Aquarius

This week will be ideal if you want to focus on your vocation, your way of generating income and doing what you are passionate about. Follow your north, but remember that each step is necessary, enjoy the present and, above all, know yourself. Because we can’t do something outside that we didn’t do inside. Are you ready to start with the most important thing: You?

How we can apply Astrology to our daily life


Ascendant in Pisces

These days you will be more connected to discover what is the gift that you come to share, if you still do not know it. Observe what is happening on a collective level and feel what your reading is of everything they tell us in the media. Can you open up to the truth within you? When you get it, your reality will change completely

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