Technology Astronomers found a powerful radio signal in the Milky...

Astronomers found a powerful radio signal in the Milky Way

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May 06 2020, 8:26 pm

Milky Way. | Photo: Courtesy

For the first time since 2007, a signal was detected within the Milky Way, with energy ratios similar to those emitted by rapid radio bursts.

By Publimeter

The discovery was made by a group of scientists from an observatory located in Canada. According to specialists, FRBs are fleeting radio pulses that last only a few milliseconds. They are phenomena that generate a large amount of energy, and that have been measured on our planet through telescopes around the world. All of the fast radio bursts have originated outside of our galaxy.

According to the registry of international and specialized media, they maintain that the signals captured by the CHIME telescope come from the magnetar SGR 1935 + 2154. In this regard, the Mundo Sputnik site maintains that the magnetar is a neutron star that emits high amounts of X-rays and gamma rays.

Although the scientists do not want to draw advanced conclusions, they pointed out that there is a possibility that the magnetars are the ones who produce the FRB. This would confirm the fact that these neutron stars exist in other galaxies.

This means that if at 30,000 light years we can detect these energies, on the other side our lightnings are also received.


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