Astronomers have discovered a unique asteroid: the cosmic body is destroyed

Astronomers have discovered a unique asteroid: the cosmic body is destroyed
A single space object discovered by scientists using a Hubble telescope. They noted a "suicide asteroid" that is destroyed, reports

Another interesting discovery made with the Hubble telescope. Astronomers studying outer space have noted an unusual asteroid, called Gault 6478. The uniqueness of this cosmic body is that it is destroyed. Astronomers first noticed the unusual activity of the cosmic body: it had a luminous tail, due to which the asteroid began to resemble a comet. Subsequently, the second tail was discovered.

The scientists concluded that this is due to the self-destruction process. Olivier Hainaut, an astronomer at the European Southern Observatory, explained that these space objects are very rare. Furthermore, to detect "suicidal asteroids" is only possible with the help of modern equipment, such as the Hubble telescope. Such celestial bodies behave "evil", so it is very difficult to notice them. According to scientists, in the future the Gault could well distance itself, but the reverse process is also possible. It is possible that over time the asteroid will "attack" again under the influence of its own gravity. Remember firstufologists advisedon the new threat from the planet Nibiru.

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