Astronomical research: Eta meteors, the Daloyat, rains in Egypt today with 30 meteors per hour

Dr. Ashraf Tadros, the former head of the astronomy department at the National Institute of Astronomical Research and a professor of astronomy at the institute, revealed that the meteor shower of Eta, the Dalmatians, is raining the sky of Egypt today, Wednesday, in the phenomenon of viewing with the naked eye, pointing out that the meteor shower of ETA, the Dalmatians, is the result of the passing of the earth in dust or waste particles of Halley’s comet The famous, and it has been called a show of pigeons because meteors appear in it as if coming from the constellation Aquarius near the star Eta – the brightest star Aquarius.

In his statements, the former head of the astronomy department at the National Institute of Astronomical Research revealed that the average number of meteors is 30 meteors per hour, but the full moon at this time will be a great barrier to seeing many meteors, especially the weak ones, which affects the number of meteors visible of course. .

The globe is approaching the dust residue of Halley’s comet, the source of the annual Etoile meteors, and it is expected that it will reach its climax during the hours before sunrise, today, Wednesday 6 May, in the sky of Egypt and the Arab world, and the presence of the near-full moon will coincide with it, which will obliterate many meteors except for the bright ones for that year 2020. It is not an ideal years to monitor meteoric Eta meteors.

In a report, the astronomical society in Jeddah revealed that the source of the Eto’i deltoids is dust debris from Halley’s comet scattered along its orbit, and every year the globe passes during its rotation around the sun through the orbit of the comet in late April and early May, and these particles illuminate the sky in the form of meteors that are active during The period from April 19 to May 20, but our planet will be in the depth of those remains on the sixth of May .


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