Technology Astronomy: Happy Birthday, Hubble !: Space Telescope turns 30

Astronomy: Happy Birthday, Hubble !: Space Telescope turns 30

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The Hubble telescope has been orbiting the earth for thirty years, searching for the secrets of space. It didn’t look like a success story at first.

It has been circumnavigating the earth for thirty years, 13 meters long and weighing eleven tons. The Hubble space telescope was launched on April 24, 1990 by the Discovery space shuttle. From the Kennedy Space Center in Florida At that time, five astronauts set out to launch Hubble in the cosmos a day later. Since then it has been racing around the earth at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour and gazing at the stars.

Hubble Space Telescope celebrates its 30th birthday

As “eye in the sky”, Hubble searches for the secrets of the universe – and not only delivers fascinating pictures. It has revolutionized modern astronomy, she writes NASA on the occasion of the anniversary of the project that the Americans are coordinating with the European Space Agency (ESA). The symbolic images of the telescope would have redefined the human view of the universe and our place in space and time, according to NASA.

Hubble delivers unique images. Here it shows merging galaxies that look like a cosmic face.

Image: Space Telescope Science Institute / ESA / Hubble, dpa

The space telescope has had numerous successes in almost all fields of astronomy. Among other things, it has confirmed that gigantic black holes live in the centers of galaxies and that the cosmos is expanding faster and faster. It determined this expansion speed with unprecedented accuracy, discovered the so-called proto-planetary gas and dust disks from which new stars and planetary systems are formed, and looked back into the cosmic early history, almost to the Big Bang.

Happy Birthday, Hubble !: Space Telescope turns 30

Discover Hubble on the Internet

It didn’t look like a glorious success story at first. The first pictures Hubble delivered were unusable and did not meet expectations. This was due to an error in the main mirror, which was only corrected three years later. Four more maintenance missions were then necessary to keep Hubble in good shape. Hubble has made around 1.4 million observations of Hubble, which have resulted in more than 17,000 academic publications.

“Hubble” image: a supernova explosion cloud in the Taurus constellation.

Picture: Jeff Hester / NASA / ESA, dpa

On the occasion of the milestone birthday, NASA is celebrating Hubble with a special online offer: Interested parties can, for example, view pictures taken by Hubble on their birthday on the website of the US Department of Space and Aviation Science.

At NASA, they assume that Hubble will continue to be used during the 2020s. But it should be supplemented by the new James Webb space telescope. (with dpa)

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