Asturias takes out his arsenal to face «Filomena»

The Voice of Asturias

Esther Rodriguez


10/01/2021 05:00 h

The storm Filomena has left numerous incidents throughout the country, except in Asturias. The snow break in recent days gave Asturians a little respite, who prepared to face the bad weather. For the moment, they have prevented any setback caused by the snow and in its almost 11,000 kilometers of extension there are hardly any isolated areas. «We have made a great effort from the City Council so that no town is isolated. In Bustellán, for example, which is a livestock area, dairymen and food distributors can pass perfectly. To do this, we hired and made available to the council 10 wedge tractors, several snow plows, backhoes, a dumper and salt spreading machines. In addition, there were hardly any coverage cuts throughout the municipality. Only on a specific occasion, ”says José Ramón, mayor of Tinete.

Also in Somiedo and Cabrales they have taken out their arsenal to face the storm. «We have everything openAlthough the entire council is snowy and there are towns like Valle del Lago or La Peral in which it is almost two meters thick. The snowplows work continuously and we add salt to prevent frost on the roads. Of course, the neighbors must drive with caution and avoid unnecessary exits, “admits the mayor somedano Belarmino Fernández. At the same time, there were also no incidents related to power outages or coverage failures.

In the highest areas, where the accumulated snow reaches almost two meters in thickness, communication is also possible. The residents of Sotres already know perfectly the great snowfalls, which fall year after year, and they manage to live with them. “We have food, firewood, gas cylinders and coal stored so we don’t have to leave the house. The bread is brought to us with the snowplow every two days. Also, at the moment, we did not have any power outages. Except for the first day of the year when we were without electricity until seven in the afternoon, ”says Ana Moradiellos. The only incident that this Galician living in the Sotriano town has had is that the water has frozen. “It is very cold and this has caused my pipe to freeze, only a trickle of water reaches the kitchen,” he details.

The weather conditions are very bad. It does not stop snowing and, therefore, the risk of avalanches is very high. In addition, frosts fall at night, reaching eight degrees below zero. “We are grateful that we are not isolated because the operators work to open the streets continuously. But, the problem will be when temperatures rise because there will be an alert for landslides, since there are unimaginable heaps of snow. These thicknesses are more typical of the end of the month. I do not remember a winter like this since 75, where it snowed continuously, ”says Moradiellos. It’s tiring. You don’t take the shovel out of your hand because day after day you’re dealing with the snow, ”he adds.

Although Filomena has not hit Asturias, the community has suffered its consequences. In Langreo, according to Europa Press, supendió the representation of The Opera Locos. The Yllana company, which was going to put it on the scene, was trapped in Madrid and could not travel to the Asturian municipality.

The Culture Area of ​​the City Council has confirmed that the show, which won the Max award for Best Musical Show in 2019, will be postponed until Saturday, January 23 at 7:00 p.m.. Tickets already sold will remain valid. In any case, the amount will be refunded to whoever requests it and the theater box office will be open this afternoon for that purpose and in the next few days at the usual times both in the same theater and in the Felgueroso de Sama Cinema.

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