Asus routers unusable for two days, update now available

After two days of problems, Asus has rolled out a new software update that fixes the previous faulty update.

Do you have an Asus router and was your home or office an absolute disaster in terms of internet connection for two days? You’re not alone: ​​anyone who had auto-update turned on got a nasty surprise last week. Routers worldwide blocked, only to restart afterwards. After a few minutes, the problem repeated itself again. Extra strange: those who had disabled the update function still received the ‘bad’ update.

In a public statement points Asus to a problem in the latest ASD, a built-in security component. It contained an error in the configuration of the server settings, which quickly filled the router’s memory. Once that is full, the router blocks and then restarts to make room in the memory again. That process kept repeating itself endlessly. Restoring your router to factory settings solved the problem.

The problem is that such an ASD is automatically downloaded by every router, whether you have automatic updating enabled or not. Asus is not yet clear about how that happened. The manufacturer may still be able to push minor updates for security reasons if the customer does not want that, but that should not have these consequences.

Asus mitigated the problem after 48 hours and pushed a patch to all devices. It seems to work, all complaints about the faltering internet coverage have been resolved. The complaints about how annoying this case was for many users worldwide will linger for a while. The image damage of Asus as a router manufacturer has already taken a serious blow.

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2023-05-22 07:02:15

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