Asylum policy: almost no refugee will be deprived of his protection status


isIn reality, the refugee reception system in Germany establishes that those entitled to protection usually return to their country of origin if the respective protection motive has ceased to exist. The phrase that asylum (on time) and immigration should not be mixed (permanently) is part of the standard repertoire of political speeches on migration.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, for example, announced in front of her CDU-Heimatverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 2016 that the refugees received only "temporary protection". For all the necessary integration measures, then Merkel therefore under the applause of the representatives of the CDU countries, it is necessary "but also to tell people, this is a temporary residence status. And we expect that when peace returns to Syria, when the # 39; ISIS in Iraq will be defeated, you will return to your homeland with the knowledge you have acquired from us ".

In fact, asylum seekers only receive temporary protection rights until the reason for the flight is removed. After the recognition, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has three years to examine the continued existence of the cause of persecution (persecution or civil war) – and, if necessary, to withdraw the protective title . If this does not happen, refugees usually receive a permanent right of residence three to five years after they are recognized.

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In this context, the FDP parliamentary group has submitted a small request to the federal government. Their answer is WELT. Information is informative in several ways. To sum up, it can be said, first of all, that almost no recognized guardian has been deprived of the protection title in recent years.

If this, secondly, happens once, it is usually due to refugee personal crimes – and not to the elimination of the protection reasons. Thirdly, it is explosive that, although only one Iraqi third came to Germany in 2018, protection reasons have been identified – on the other hand, almost no refugees from the Middle East who live here have withdrawn their protection status.

After the BAMF had barely carried out the revocation or reimbursement checks at the highest stage of the immigration crisis due to congestion, these are happening again in large numbers. After all, 85,053 tests were completed in 2018 according to the federal government's response. On the basis of these decisions, however, only 982 cases ended with a withdrawal of the protection title – equal to 1.2 percent.

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The internal documents clearly show that in the autumn of 2015 the government lost control of the extent of irregular entry across the German border

Now, a protective title in these tests can be revoked by the personal assistant BAMF now 450 for three reasons: firstly, if the trigger for the escape has disappeared; So the battles in the region of origin are over or there is no threat of persecution. Second, if the BAMF discovers that the protective title has been wrongly assigned.

This is the case, for example, when it is later discovered that a recognized candidate does not even come from the area of ​​civil war specified by him or that he falsely claimed to belong to a persecuted minority. Third, the title can also be withdrawn for crimes or other violations – but that does not mean that the person will be deported.

For these reasons, the federal government replies that "the resolution procedures are usually started only if there are reasons in the person of the foreigner (for example, crimes, travel at home, deceits about nationality)". This is the case because "it is not possible to determine a change in the situation of the country of origin in the context of the revision of the rules in the vast majority of the countries of origin".

Linda Teuteberg, spokeswoman for the migration policy of the FDP parliamentary group, criticizes: "That in the revocation proceedings currently 450 BAMF employees, apparently, control only if someone has committed a crime and then seize the trial, It doesn't make sense. Obviously, the threatening situation on the ground must be taken into account if the chancellor's expectations are to be met, for example that the refugees from Iraq return to their land, if the IS is defeated and the situation has improved ".

"97 percent of asylum applications have very little chance of success"

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The Bundestag discusses the classification of the Maghreb states as safe countries of origin. Interior Minister Seehofer makes it clear that 97 percent of these countries' applications have little chance of success.

For Teuteberg it is "difficult to understand that withdrawal rates are extremely low even among citizens whose protection rates have decreased significantly in recent years, because apparently the security situation has improved". In 2015, 89% of Iraqis were recognized, 2018 only 32%. "However, only 1.7% of Iraqis checked the protection rights last year."

In-depth revocation tests are also so important because linguistic and economically well-integrated refugees receive a legal right to permanent residence, the so-called establishment permit, only three years after their recognition. Less well integrated workers receive it after another two years, provided they are not convicted of a crime or depend largely on transfers.

At the urgent request of the president of the BAMF Eckhardt Sommer, the Federal Ministry of the Interior drafted a bill to extend the period in which a revocation check should be carried out for three to five years. This would increase the likelihood of sufficient security in the home of a refugee before obtaining the legal right to a permanent residence in Germany. This bill is still in the cabinet vote.

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