At his birthday, a critic and lyricist reveal: why has the absence of Mohamed Fuad lasted long?


9:40 PM

Thursday, December 20th

Books – Mustafa Hamza:

In parallel to the celebration of the artist Mohamed Fouad for his 57th birthday, many expected to break the period of his absence, which stretched for eight years from the arena of the song, and to put his album awaited years ago, "peace", but again raised the flag of the postponement, which raises the question: What is the secret of the absence Mohamed Fouad ?!

The critic Tariq al-Shennawi answers and says in an exclusive statement to "Masrawy": "Mohamed Fouad of the most important talents emerged in the eighties of the last century, talking about a singer has exceeded 20 years of presence and made important leaps as a movie stars and his films have reached even higher levels than his colleague Amr Diab "He said.

"But it is a model of talent that is not driven by reason, has the ability to drive and choose, so its titles have fallen, and we found it moving perhaps looking for material, to offer a landfill program that is not qualified and surpassed by Ramez Jalal, and repeated the same choices for the quality of the magazines that Offer, which is also deduced from its great soundtrack. "

"I think Ismailia Rayeh Jay had a negative impact on Fuad, who was the number one at work and despite his successful comedy films, was surprised by the fact that production companies are moving strongly towards Mohamed Henedi, that was almost the second or third with him, The young man is frustrated. "

Poet Antar Helal, who has collaborated with Fouad in more than one song, "Kamenna", says: "Mohammed Fouad is pure Egyptian, with all his delightful taste, lightness and spirit, there is no difference between it and God The masses spontaneously and spontaneously. "

"But he was struck by the curse of the beneficiaries and by those who prevented him from seeing and changing his audience exaggerating and elevating his power above the other colleagues of his generation, and they decorated him with the idea of ​​the star and then, lost the connection and left the music area that sets it apart to jump into the arena of the others did not have any impact, It is the poet above the poet, the distributor in the presence of the distributor, through the compositions, sound engineering and even production, and even work that does not have the quality and technical skill. "

The critic Ahmed Al-Samahi, for his part, says: "The complex of Mohammed Fuad in the 8-year-old disappearance from the cassette market, and fears of a new offer was growing at that time and has turned from a problem that worries him to the horror of putting what does not suit the tastes of young people now, and then face the specter of the fall Which is not acceptable to the only singer who was the biggest competitor in the nineties is a real threat to Amr Diab.

"Despite his large stature, Fouad did not keep his place and lost any regular introduction for vague reasons, we did not know why his loss of fitness, his concern for business or anything else made us a popular singer. The next Fouad, if it is the best, is his lifeline if he can read the current taste well and has worked with concentration and ridiculed all his energies and his beautiful voice in what he offers, because we really miss the singer and artistic personality of Mohammed Fuad with an attractive charisma.



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