World At least 10 dead and "high number of injured"...

At least 10 dead and “high number of injured” in the explosions that hit Beirut. Destroyed port area – Observer

At least 10 people died in the wake of several explosions, one of which was a large one, which hit the Lebanese capital of Beirut this Tuesday. The information was provided by a “medical source” and another from “Lebanese security” to Reuters. There are still “a high number of wounded,” confirms Lebanon’s health ministry, Hamad Hassan.

The Al Jazeera reporter indicates that the big explosion occurred in a warehouse area where there would be a large deposit of pyrotechnic material. “The force of the explosion was enormous. There is panic in the streets and windows everywhere ”, says Zeina Khodr. A thick cloud of smoke covered the city and the city’s port area was completely destroyed.

A witness to the explosion reported on social media what he saw: “The windows broke in our building. There are columns of pink smoke nearby. I felt two explosions like an earthquake at the beginning. Seconds later, I felt a huge shockwave ”.

After a series of smaller explosions that shook the Lebanese capital and launched a large pink plume near the port of Beirut, a huge explosion created a column of mushroom-shaped smoke in the region. Moments later, the impact began to spread throughout the city, completely destroying all the infrastructure it encountered along the way.

According to reports by Maya Gebeily, a correspondent for Agence France-Presse (AFP), hospitals are refusing to receive more victims of the blasts because they are already completely full; and others too damaged to care for patients safely.


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