At least 11 people injured in a bar in Thousand Oaks


"I can not tell you much about the shooter at this point, we're still looking for the shooter, we can not confirm that the shooter is in detention at this point," said the secretary of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office Garo Kuredjian. conference.

When the deputies responded to the scene, he said, the shots were still fired. The injured included a deputy, Kuredjian said.

"I can not tell you what the state of any of those killed at this point is," he said.

People gathered near the shooting scene, hugging and crying as the red and blue lights of police cars flickered in the background. The forces of order were hovering around the bar with flashlights and drawn weapons.

"Borderline active shooter incident", tweeted the Ventura County fire department. "Please stay away from the Incident area of ​​law enforcement, multiple injury reports, details yet to be established."

Borderline Bar & Grill is a Western-style property that hosts theme nights such as country, salsa and swing dancing. His website listed the Wednesday event as a college college night between 9pm. and 2:00

The bar is just a few miles from California Lutheran University, and is a popular spot for students on these nights.

Nick Steinwender, who is part of the student government of the university, said his friends were in the bar when filming started. He described what they told him at the CNN KABC affiliate.

"It was chaos, people jumping out of the windows, stepping over the gates and just trying to get out," he said. "From what I heard, the gunman started shooting at the front desk … The students were hiding in attics, bathrooms and things like that."

Thousand Oaks is in Ventura County, about 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

This is a developing story.



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