At least 6 dead and over 150,000 people evacuated by ravenous fires in California


But this is not the only point, nor the most affected by the voracious fires that spread uncontrollably. In the north of the state, in Butte County, Camp Fire He is destroying everything in his path. Until this Friday, it consumed 70,000 acres of land and could only be contained in 5%. Although it threatens less populated areas (about 15,000 homes), firefighters already report at least 2,000 destroyed structures and five deaths.

Butte County Sheriff reported that he had located it six people who died inside vehicles in Paradise, a location that they described as "totally destroyed".

"The preliminary investigation revealed that the victims were inside the vehicles hit by the camp fire". Because of burns, identification could not be immediate. Autopsies will be performed to determine the circumstances of the deaths and begin the identification process. "Coroner Kory L. Honea said in a statement.

The newly elected governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on Thursday in the area and required federal funds to help those affected. Newsom has estimated that about 40,000 people in that county They have been evacuated.

Uncontrollable fires across California they forced 157,000 people to leave their homes, Mark Ghilarducci, director of emergency services for the office of the governor of California, told the press.

The fort Santa Ana winds They quickly spread violent fires, forcing authorities to issue evacuation orders to different parts of the entire state, including portions of cities like Thousand Oaks and entire communities like Malibu (in Los Angeles County), where dozens of destroyed homes.

Fire Woolsey has already consumed 14,000 acres of land and it continues to grow without being able to be contained, destroying many houses in the suburbs. The alert forced the closure of several major highways in the area, including the 101 and the authorities ordered the mandatory evacuation of the areas from Calabazas (Ventura) to the Pacific Coast Highway area (in Los Angeles).

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Another fire in Ventura County that firefighters are fighting at the moment is the Hill, which has already consumed about 6,000 hectares in the Valley of Santa Rosa. "This fire that started yesterday in the Camarillo area and in less than 12 hours has exceeded 101 (the highway) .We do not intend to drive for 101, it is closed in both directions," explained Sergio Martinez, spokesperson of the Ventura Fire Brigade.

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According to local authorities, climatic conditions aridity and strong gusts of wind have worsened the situation and put at risk the communities fleeing their homes.

All people in the alert areas must "be ready and prepared to pack up and leave", they warned.

While firefighters continue to fight with the flames, Ventura County officials have created the website and the emergency telephone number (805) 465-6650 for those interested in finding information on highway closures and shelters available for displaced people and their pets.

So far they have not detailed the number of deaths or injuries related to these fires in Ventura, although some people claimed to have been trapped by fire.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County authorities continue to mobilize the inhabitants of the Malibu Mountains. On Friday morning, several structures were damaged or destroyed by the flames, according to Erik Scott, a Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson.

"If you are told to leave, get out of there", agent John Benedict, of the sheriff's office in that city, asked at a press conference and reminded people to bring with them the most important things at the time of the evacuation, as medicines and personal documents.

Fire season

According to data from Cal Fire, 2017 was one of the most devastating seasons of fire for this state, with 46 dead and about 559,000 hectares consumed by about 9,000 forest fires that destroyed 10,800 structures.

Serious fires in California are becoming more frequent. The official document ensures that four of the five most destructive fires in the history of the state have occurred over the past six years:

Mendocino complex fire: He landed 459,123 hectares, September 2018, Mendocino.
Thomas Fire: 281,893 acres, December 2017, Ventura.
Cedar Fire: 273,246 acres, October 2003, San Diego.
Rush Fire: 271.911 acres, August 2012, Lassen.
Rim Fire: 257.314 acres, August 2013, Tuolumne.

In September, firefighters took control of the fire Mendocino complex, active since July and considered the largest fire documented in the history of this state.

Hundreds of houses destroyed and thousands of people evacuated: the flames sweep (again) California


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