At least eight people killed in riots | TIME ONLINE


In the ongoing unrest throughout Chile At least eight people died. Five bodies were salvaged in a looted and set fire to garment factory in Santiago de Chile, as the fire department announced. Previously, in two supermarkets in the capital, two women and one man were also killed in fires after plundering.

The authorities again imposed a curfew. The emergency, which initially applied to the capital, was extended to several cities in the north and south of the country, said Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick.

president Sebastián Piñera spoke of war. He defended the actions of his government: “Democracy
not only has the right, but the duty to defend oneself. ”
The state must use the means that democracy has
Provide, “to fight those who want to destroy them”. He had previously mobilized 9,500 troops. It was the first time
since the end of the dictatorship under General Augusto Pinochet 1990, that in
the military patrolled the Chilean capital.

Police use tear gas

The Foreign Office in Berlin called on Chile travelers to be particularly cautious. Further riots in larger cities can not be ruled out. Travelers should therefore avoid public places and crowds, follow the instructions of the local security forces and get information in local media.

The protests were triggered by an increase in ticket prices for public transport. In response to the protests, the government suspended the fare increase on Saturday. Nevertheless, disguised demonstrators clashed with police on Sunday in the center of the Chilean capital. The police used tear gas and water cannons



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