At Lidl, the butter is now protected against theft

Photo: twitter/NinjaTrekkie

Inflation is higher than ever. It makes many products more expensive and therefore valuable. That is why they are now protected against theft.

Valuable products have an anti-theft device. This is nothing new in itself – at least when it comes to high-priced goods. Such as electronics or jewelry. But inflation is now making even everyday groceries so expensive that they become valuable. That’s why they’re backed up now.

Butter in the refrigerated section is protected against theft

Apparently, butter is now one of those everyday products that is becoming more and more valuable and therefore obviously needs to be protected. A Lidl customer made this discovery and shared it on Twitter.

“I think it’s hooked!” Writes the Twitter user. He made what was, for him, a very strange discovery at the discounter Lidl. “Have we gotten to the point where regular butter has to be protected against theft with a security tag?” he wonders. He also posted a photo showing a box of Kerrygold butter. Each individual packet of butter has a label that clearly states: secured item.

There are many reactions on Twitter

The photo made waves on Twitter. Hundreds of other users shared this post and the reactions are piling up in the comments column. “It’s already a luxury product at over three euros,” says one user. “The new gold,” jokes another Twitter user. Still others scoff at this situation. “You seem to live in a really special area when butter needs protection. I’m sure you also have bars on the windows, because otherwise the neighbors will see what’s in the fridge, or whether the TV wouldn’t be better somewhere else.”

Users discuss the meaning and purpose

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The price of Kerrygold butter has indeed increased enormously. A pound of this butter now costs €3.49 at Lidl. A proud price. Butter has thus become a real luxury good.

Accordingly, some customers can understand this measure. “Well, as an economically thinking company, Lidl has probably calculated what is more expensive: the additional labeling, which is also an expense, or the loss through theft. The result should give us food for thought.” This is one user’s comment. Another feels the same way and writes: “Looks like it. Lidl is hardly doing this for fun because it causes additional costs.”

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