At Manner, the sweets are now more expensive – enjoyment

The Viennese confectionery manufacturer Manner wants to increase prices this year. The reason is the rising cost of raw materials.

The Viennese confectionery manufacturer Manner made significantly more sales in Austria and abroad last year. Sales increased by 10.2 percent to 239.4 million euros, the annual surplus increased by around a third to 2.5 million euros – this is evident from the annual report published on Monday. Due to rising costs, however, Manner plans to raise prices this year.

price increases of raw materials

In addition to the prices for Cocoahazelnut and Dairy products According to the confectionery manufacturer, almost all of the others used are raw materials increased in price level. Higher commodity and energy prices and the impact of the pandemic weighed on earnings in 2021.

For the current financial year, the Manner Management Board expects all results and key figures to be heavily influenced by the events in Ukraine compared to 2021. Raw material and energy prices, which continue to rise sharply, will weigh on the confectionery manufacturer. “This means that further sales price increases are absolutely necessary,” it said in the annual report.

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Austria important market

The home market of Austria is an important sales market for Manner. More than a third of sales are made in Germany. The export ratio rose by 1.3 percentage points to 63.8 percent in 2021. Manner also owns the brands Casali, Ildefonso, Napoli, Dragee Keksi and Victor Schmidt Mozartkugeln.

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