At Pugacheva he goes shopping in a supermarket of economy class


Maxim Galkin, the wife of Alla Borisovna, has published a photo of Alla Borisovna's wife of the Russian pop diva with her son Harry. The photo shows how the singer chooses the products, but right now he is photographed by one of the buyers.

The photo Maxim Galkin has published the photoblog on Instagram, decorating it with a playful signature that it is impossible to remain dark about where his wife went – always someone will take a picture.

The opinions of the subscribers of the artist are divided on the published photo. So some of them suggested that the shot was on the scene and Alla Borisovna could not come shopping alone, bringing the child with him – that's why the star has a servant. According to other users, the economic class of the shop does not correspond to the social status of Prima Donna. However, there were also those who were happy to learn that it is possible to meet the singer not only in the elite restaurant, but also in Pyaterochka. They were pleased to note Pugacheva's desire to be closer to the common people.

But shopkeepers did not take pictures of the celebrity. It is possible that for them such visits by pop stars – no news.

The same Maxim Galkin called avoiding economic supermarkets as an unusual snobbery towards their family.

The humorist often publishes family photos in his photoblog. Photos and videos of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva's children, Lisa and Harry, are particularly fascinating for users. Brother and sister read poetry, learn French, have fun and share their impressions of travel and activities.



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