At the age of 26, he started burping more. After all, she had pancreatic cancer.

Ebeing attentive to our health and being attentive to the slightest alteration in our body is a great responsibility that we must all assume so that it is possible to discover any disease that could endanger our life.

That’s what happened to Bailey McBreen, a 26-year-old from Tampa, Florida, in the United States, who found out the hard way that she had a terminal illness when she started having belching as a recurring symptom.

According to the young woman, who works as a nurse, it all started in 2021, when she noticed that she burped continuously, to the point that the symptoms began to bother her, a situation that alerted her because she was not very used to burping, they were becoming excessive.

“I was burping 5 to 10 times a day. This was not normal for me. In fact, I rarely burped before, which is why I realized how weird it was,” she said, quoted by Excelsior.

So, Bailey decided to go to the doctor, where he received some harsh news, as the doctor confirmed that the belching was due to the pancreatic cancer he was suffering from. “I’m not ready to die”, thought the young woman, the moment she received the news.

After receiving the diagnosis, Bailey called people out, asking them to pay attention to the signals the body sends and consider any symptoms, no matter how small.

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