At the center of the "security services" of the Islamic State organization


In a well-written book, Matthieu Suc examined "Amniyat", a service that has planned much of the terrorist attacks committed in Europe in recent years.

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Near the Bataclan, shortly after the attack of November 13, 2015, organized by Syria from Amniyat.

The book To tell you, the "spies of terror" are not a spy book. The formula is catchy, but in reality it is primarily a question of terrorism and jihadists. The central idea is no less original: try to reconstruct, from the few available sources available, the operation of Amniyat, the service of the organization of the Islamic State (IS) which, from Syria, has planned, in recent years, most of the attacks in Europe, especially in France.

Amniyat or NMA has always been, by nature, one of the most opaque and feared structures in the IS organization. Today the collapse of the "caliphate" was right for its existence. But during its full operational period, particularly from its nerve center – a house without a soul in Tall Rifaat, north of Aleppo – Amniyat was accused of some of the most sensitive missions of the organization terrorist: and the execution of hostages, the execution of judgments of Shari & # 39; a, the identification of attempts at infiltration and, above all, the planning of attacks on foreign countries.

Mathieu Suc's book speaks of a past epoch, that of the ISIS climax in the Iraqi-Syrian area. A time when the "proto-state" that had been granted allowed him to have his own security service. With his men specialized in surveillance techniques, border control or computer data extraction. And the peculiarity of counting in his ranks many French figures of jihad, who then made them talk.

History of history

How to say a structure that, in essence, wants to be secret, and whose essential information on it is reserved for classified documentation of intelligence services? The author has circumvented the difficulty with a classic method, …


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