At the Climate Change Conference (COP26), Huawei talks about how technology can solve environmental problems

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Huawei’s Vice President of Digitization Fang Liangzhou was invited to address COP26 on smart community building.


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The division of the Chinese telecommunications company he heads integrates digital technologies into everyday life to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, simplify energy from renewable sources and make transport and the city more environmentally friendly.

“Zero carbon emissions have become a global goal,” says Lianzhou. “Technological innovation will play a key role in tackling climate change and reducing emissions. At Huawei, we are creating greener energy and digitizing the energy industry for a greener future. ”


According to the International Energy Agency, electricity (40%), industrial production and transport (21%) account for the largest share of carbon emissions.

That’s why Huawei is constantly working with partners to innovate in energy production and consumption to create environmentally friendly solutions. For example, the company develops clean renewable energy systems based on solar and wind energy, and also pays great attention to energy storage.

As for the digitalization of the energy industry, Huawei is also training artificial intelligence that can help automatically identify typical risks and distribution network failures.

Thanks to this preventive approach, which is based on the analysis of artificial intelligence, the operational efficiency of energy networks can be increased up to 80 times with this solution.

With this technology, Huawei is also helping US carmaker Seres build its first mass-produced line of high-quality electric SUVs that can travel 1,000 km on a single charge.

Under the slogan “Technology for a Greener Planet”, Huawei continues to invest in reducing carbon emissions, promoting a green energy and circular economy, and using green technologies.


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