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After fulfilling his promise to launch Atari Token, which is scheduled to go public on October 29, the company’s CEO Fred Chesnais has shared his thoughts on the market opportunity with BeInCrypto.

Iconic gaming brand Atari ushers in a bit of nostalgia for many gamers, having participated in creating gaming culture with their 2600 console for games like Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders. and many others. The company also is gearing up to launch its first hardware release in two decades, such as reported BeInCrypto.

Atari, however, is not living in the past and It has also announced the public sale of its Atari Token, which will begin on October 29 on Atari boss Fred Chesnais spent some time with BeInCrypto to discuss the public token sale and the company’s role in ushering in a new generation of players in the crypto space.

Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari

Q&A with Fred Chesnais

BIC: Do you have any indication of what user demand is like for the Atari Token?

Fred chesnais: “We are highlighting the expansive use cases and working on exchange listings, so we expect a great response and reception of the token.”

BIC: Do you have bigger plans for the currency beyond Atari games?

Fred Chesnais: “Unlike most of the tokens that have been implemented in the gaming industry, we do not want to limit the Atari Token to a single platform, but to expand its use cases as much as possible. We strongly believe that a brand like Atari can popularize gaming games. blockchain and become the symbol of reference in the industry. “

“Therefore, we have signed several partnerships to expand the Token use cases. We also believe that the greatest opportunity is not only within games, but outside of games as well. The interactive industry is already decentralized in some way. They have game studios in Canada, content creators in Asia, tests done in Africa, and the Atari Token could be used to integrate an emerging workforce and find career opportunities within the industry. This is the future of work. “

Stablecoin, crypto adoption and corporate strategy

BIC: What about the stablecoin of Atari to which the reports? How will it be used?

Fred Chesnais: “The Atari coin is on our roadmap and will launch in the medium term. Some gaming experiences, especially real money gaming, are more suited to using a stablecoin than a volatile token. Although the Atari token allows for broader use cases and governance rights, we believe that having a dual token strategy in which players can decide which one to use will best serve the needs of a larger audience. “

BIC: Do you hope that Atari Token will attract more people to the cryptocurrencies?

Fred Chesnais: “Gaming is one of the most viable use cases for blockchain and we often see trends of players being early adopters of the technology, so we definitely see the Atari token as a way to bring gamers out into the world. of blockchain ”.

BIC – Companies have been buying BTC for their own balance sheets and as a treasury reserve asset. We have seen MicroStrategy Y Square become the pioneers in this trend. Does Atari have similar plans?

Fred Chesnais: “Being a publicly traded company, you have to take care of the assets of the company. This is not your money. I understand the rationale for a company to buy cryptocurrencies considering a very long period of time and assuming you don’t need the money. For Atari, I think we can reinvest the cash in our own business to make it grow and outperform the cryptocurrency market. This is all about return on investment.

“Thanks for your time!”

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