Athletics performance rises steadily, a sports event for all people-the 14th National Games closed on the evening of the

Athletics performance is stable and rising, the all-people sharing sports event-the 14th National Games closed on the evening of the 27thFly into the homes of ordinary people

CCTV news (news broadcast): The 14th National Games will conclude on the evening of September 27, and all the events have now come to an end. In the current National Games, the athletes worked hard, their competitive performance improved steadily, and the mass competition was carried out enthusiastically, leading the whole people to share the sports event.

In the 14th National Games, more than 12,000 athletes participated in the competition. They competed in 35 major events and 410 minor events. Among them, my country’s traditional superior sports such as weightlifting and table tennis still show a super high level of competition. The championship results in 17 sub-sports surpassed the championship results of the Tokyo Olympics.

Compared with the 13th National Games, the athletic performance of this National Games has steadily improved, exceeding 12 world records, setting 2 Asian records, 24 national records, and surpassing world records and national records. The number has increased.

The National Movement, the participation of all people. A total of 19 major events and 185 minor events were set up in the mass events of the 14th National Games, leading everyone to participate in national fitness, laying a solid foundation for the masses and building a healthy foundation for building a strong sports nation.

Four years later, the 15th National Games will be jointly hosted by Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Everyone will continue to share the National Games in the Greater Bay Area.

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