ATM and Trenord vehicles at risk in Milan

Crossed arms. On Friday 2 December in Milan and in the rest of Italy the general strike organized by the basic trade unions Cobas, Cub, Sgb, SiCobas, UniCobas, Usb and Usi Cit. Workers from all public and private companies may abstain from work.

The greatest inconveniences are likely to occur in the sector of transport, with the Milanese capital and all the large Italian cities at risk of paralysis. The vehicles will be able to stop under the Madonnina Atm – subways, buses and trams – and regional trains of Trenord. According to the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, workers in the aviation sector will be able to strike for the entire 24 hours of December 2, while railway workers will be able to stop from 9 pm on December 1 to 9 pm on the following day. For the LPT – therefore the city’s public transport – a “24-hour strike with territorial methods” still to be decided.

The reasons for the agitation are explained in a statement by Cobas, which in recent days has also organized a preparatory meeting. The strike – we read – is proclaimed to ask for “the renewal of contracts and the increase in wages with adjustment to the cost of living and with the recovery of inflation, the introduction of the minimum wage of 12 euros per hour, the cancellation of increases in tariffs for services and energy, the freezing of primary goods and fuel prices, the reduction of working hours with the same wages, the blocking of military spending and the shipment of arms to Ukraine”. And again: to obtain “economic investments for schools, public health, transport, guaranteed wages for the unemployed and underemployed, a public housing plan which also provides for the recovery of disused public assets, the introduction of the crime of homicide at work, the halt to the school counter-reform and the cancellation of school-work alternation and internships in vocational training centres, the defense of the right to strike”. The agitation will also serve the union to reiterate its opposition to “privatisation” and the “procurement and sub-contract system”.

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