Atresmedia denies the hoax of the ‘penganillo’ that the PSOE agitates about the debate between Sánchez and Feijóo

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Atresmedia managers involved in the preparation of the electoral debate this Monday between Pedro Sanchez y Alberto Núñez Feijóo They have denied the hoax of the ‘penganillo’ that the PSOE has been agitating in the last hours. The Minister of Agriculture himself, Luis Planashas ensured that, given the risk that the PP leader would use this instrument to debate with Sánchez, the PSOE has requested its prohibition. “We have even had to request a ban on pinganillos in carrying out this debate”, Planas declared, according to Europa Press. Also at the Ferraz headquarters they have disseminated that request for a ban to stop aid to Feijóo.

However, Antonio Garcia Ferrerasa senior manager of Atresmedia, has flatly denied it in the program Red Hot who drives. “The rules have been set by us or by pinganillos nor anything. Everything has been decided in Atresmedia “, he stated in visible discomfort with the information that the PSOE is circulating.

Neither of the two parties has even raised it. They both know that the rules are those of this house established by us without asking their permission for anything,” added Ferreras.

It has been corroborated in the same program by the journalist Ana Pastor, who will be one of the moderators of the transcendental debate. “It never occurs to anyone that a guest in a debate like this could wear a pinganillo (..) That possibility did not exist nor did it exist. It’s a hoax Pinganillosno”.

Pastor has stressed that the use of mobile phones, watches or “any device” is always prohibited so that the protagonists cannot receive messages.

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