Attack fired on cars and a collective in Seattle: at least two dead – 03/27/2019


A shooter opened fire on Wednesday against several vehicles in the city of Seattle (United States), with the provisional balance of two dead and two seriously injured. The aggressor was arrested.

"Immediately after 4 pm, the suspect, a Sand Point resident, approached a driver near Sand Point Way Northeast and Bartlett Avenue Northeast, the suspect fired on the driver and seriously injured her before walking to the road and shoot a subway bus south, "Seattle police said in the official press.

He added: "The driver was shot, but was able to turn the bus and head north, away from the shooter. The suspect then approached a second driver, in a red Prius, opened fire and killed the driver. "

When the police arrived on the scene, the attacker climbed the Prius and escaped from the scene at high speed. Strikes another vehicle at close range, kill the other driver.

Seattle police report more casualties.

Seattle police report more casualties.

The police, according to the official party, could stop him after a brief confrontation. News in development

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