Attack on Titan: Daniel Yatsu makes Levi’s most controversial cosplay in Call of Duty

And finally the long-awaited happened collaboration between Attack on Titan Y Call of Duty, but instead of a memorable appearance of Hajime Isayama’s characters, the crossover He has already raised all kinds of criticism for the controversial “cosplay” played by Daniel Yatsu.

The sniper from the video game now has a skin with the same clothes as the strongest soldier of humanity, including Levi’s haircut, a scarf that he wears as an accessory around his neck and of course the movements created by the three-dimensional maneuvering team of paradise.

So much Attack on Titan What Call of Duty they are a guarantee of military action in their respective media; However, the collaboration is not being as well received as would be expected from a crossover of these dimensions, as several players and fans of the series agree that it could have been much better.

In fact, many fans dreamed that a character from Attack on Titan appeared in Call of Duty (as has happened with other franchises) and that it was not a simple skin with one of his characters doing a “cosplay”. It even reminds us of those grim attempts to create a live action of the anime.

¿Cosplay de Levi en Call Of Duty?

Many people even believe that this is “Levi” in COD | Photo: Activision

Did you like the “cosplay” of Levi in ​​the crossover of Attack on Titan Y Call of Duty?


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