Attacked by OTK Armed, Dozens of Residents in Kampar Injured and Fleeed to the Bhayangkara Hospital of the Riau Police

PEKANBARU – Dozens of residents of Terantang Village, Tambang District, Kampar Regency, Riau, were attacked by unknown people carrying samurai and other weapons. The attack took place on Sunday (19/6/2022) afternoon.

At that time, dozens of unknown men came and attacked the people in Terentang Village, using samurai weapons and clubs.

There were dozens of Terentang Village residents who were attacked by OTK for treatment at the Bhayangkara Hospital of the Riau Police. (photo: special)

As a result of the attack, tens of Terentang Village residents were injured. The victims ranged from adult men, adult women to children.

The former head of Terentang Village, Asmara Dewi, while accompanying the injured community at the Bhayangkara Hospital of the Riau Police said the attack took place at around 15.30 WIB in a resident’s plantation area.

OTK in samurai raids attacked residents in Terantang Village, Tambang District, Kampar Regency, Riau.

“Suddenly brutal attack this afternoon. The perpetrators numbered about 100 people. They brought samurai, knives, bricks to throw the citizens. There are also those who carry batons,” said Asmara Dewi, Sunday night.

Asmara Dewi explained that this attack was a series of incidents of land grabbing for oil palm plantations by farmers who are members of the Iyo Basamo Cooperative.

Since recently, this cooperative has been facing problems with the former chairman of the cooperative, Hermayalis. The current chairman of the Iyo Basamo Cooperative is Yuslianti. However, the Hermayalis camp did not accept the new management.

This issue has also entered the realm of law, residents have won a lawsuit at the High Court level and stated that the current oil palm plantation is the right of the community.

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As a result of the attack, there was the worst injured victim, a man aged around 35 years. Before being hacked by a samurai, the man was beaten by dozens of well-built youths, dark skinned and bleeding.

“He was beaten until he was seriously injured. Just got slashed in the head by a samurai. The victims in the ER Bhayangkara Hospital are up to 20 people. There will be more, some are on their way from Terentang Village,” he concluded. ***

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