Attacks on oil plants – Riyadh wants to invite international investigators

Oil production in Saudi Arabia

Technical facilities are located on the Khurai oil field, which is approximately 160 kilometers from Riyadh. After drone strikes on the largest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia, oil prices have increased significantly.

(Photo: AP)

Riad / Washington Saudi Arabia wants to invite the United Nations and international experts to participate in the investigation into the attacks on important oil facilities in the Kingdom. As was the case with a Saudi military spokesman on Monday evening, the foreign ministry in Riyadh also said Iranian weapons had been used during the Saturday bombing. The target of the attacks was primarily the international energy supply. The Saudi oil company Aramco had to stop about half of its production.

The spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition, which is deployed in Yemen's civil war, had previously said that Iranian drones had been used in the attacks. However, they were not started from Yemeni soil.

During the bombing on Saturday, among other things, the largest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia had been hit several times. The Yemeni Houthi rebels had committed themselves to the attacks.

From the point of view of US President Donald Trump, indications of Iran as the originator of the drone attack on Saudi oil facilities. You have almost all the material you need to get clarity, he explained on Monday. “It looks like” Iran is behind the attacks, Trump said Monday in the White House. Trump also emphasized that the US did not want a war with the Islamic Republic. The US head of state was unconcerned about the rise in oil prices as a result of the attacks. This touched neither the US nor the rest of the world.

“We definitely need to find out who did it,” said Trump. One will soon know, the investigations continued. If you are sure, you will decide on the next steps. “I do not want to go to war with anyone.” But the United States is prepared for a conflict. “That was a big attack. He could easily be returned from our country with a much, much bigger attack. “

On Saturday morning, several explosions had shaken plants of the Saudi oil producer Saudi Aramco and led to production losses. The Iran-backed Houthi rebels from Yemen claimed to attack. The price of oil shot up as a result of the attacks.

With a view to a possible retaliation Trump made clear that the attack was not the US, but Saudi Arabia. “The Saudis want us to protect them,” Trump said. “We would certainly help them.” With possible retaliatory measures, Saudi Arabia would have to play a major role and contribute financially, Trump said.

After the weekend's attacks, Trump had promised the US allies in the region. In addition, he had threatened a retaliatory strike on Sunday. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for the attacks. Trump was not so clear.

Further: The drone attacks on the refinery in Saudi Arabia bring back the risk premium. A long-term higher oil price should hardly be avoidable.

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