Attention: multi-player concerns about playing in Orlando and it is not obligatory to be present

The NBA announced the return of the season with his master plan Orlando thanks to the agreement with the players. However, this Wednesday it transpired that, in a videoconference Adam Silver with several basketball players, the same they presented their concern to return to the arena.

Adrian Wojnarowskijournalist ESPN, reported that several of the players that should be in Disney not agree to play the remainder of the season, since they consider that they are putting their lives at risk. In fact, earlier Damian Lillard he confessed that the plan return didn’t make sense.

Among other fundamentals, in addition to health, the fraction of players who showed their concern also did so because of family situations, and social justice. A detail that is not minor is that several of them were in demonstrations with thousands of people in the streets.

The telephone meeting culminated with a decision a bit striking: “It is expected that the NBA and the NBPA agree to a provision that does not require players to restart a season, or subject to disciplinary action by staying at home”. That is to say, there would be no obligation to play the games.

Without a doubt, it would be really eye-catching that Portland Trail Blazersfor example, dispute the games without Lillard, because the same thing would represent a clear advantage for the opponent, and also would not be fair to those that put their health at risk. Eye, because the base is only one of several that think the same way.

It should be noted that those players who leave the bubble Walt Disney Worldmust remain in quarantine for not less than 10 days and two tests of coronavirus negative before being able to return to play.

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