Attention! The tremendous save of the year by a rival Boca goalkeeper in the next tournament, how did he get it?

Yesterday the group phase of the Professional League Cup was known after a disastrous draw in a new paper organized by the Argentine Football Association. In this act, Boca He was hurt in the group of death and will have to play his classification against three very difficult opponents. Lanús, Newell’s and Workshops will be the obstacles that Miguel Ángel Russo’s team will have to overcome in order to go to the round.

Boca will debut on the first date against Lanús and then visit Newell’s in Rosario for the second day. And precisely the goalkeeper of Lepra, saved a huge ball in what was one of the best saves of the year in the friendly game played by the Rosario team in Santa Fe. Newell’s defeated Unión by one to zero in the headline duel and he lost five to zero in the substitute match.

Alan Aguerre He is one of the best goalkeepers in Argentine football, so much so that he was elected the best goalkeeper in the 2018-2019 Super League. The previous tournament also had outstanding performances that allowed Frank Kudelka’s team to win many points. The one with Leprosy lives his happiest hours as a professional at 30 years of age and after searching for a long time in the world.

Huge save

Fernando “Cuqui” Márquez, current Union de Santa Fe forward, took the ball in three quarters of the court, outlined himself and took a simply perfect shot. The ball was heading to the upper right corner of the Newell’s arch in the hot Santa Fe afternoon. But from the skies the flight of one appeared and he took out a huge hand in the best Tyson style to send the ball to the corner kick.

The dear old hand changed into a seldom seen save. Boca will have to take a course to score Aguerre on the second date of the tournament, and Newell’s will do the same against an archer like Esteban Andrada, who almost always keeps the fence undefeated. La Lepra did not play well, they are adapting to the preparation and will face young and dynamic rivals in the next Argentine tournament.

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