Attention to Alzheimer’s disease, which progresses insidiously and is more common in women!

Stating that Alzheimer’s primarily affects learning and memory and causes vital problems over time, Dr. Dr. Atilla Kara, “Alzheimer’s is a progressive neurological disease that develops due to the death of nerve cells in the brain. Alzheimer’s, which is more common especially after the age of 60, can start with simple forgetfulness and progress to the inability to recognize the closest environment over time, and the patient may become in need of care in the last stage of the disease. The cause of Alzheimer’s disease, which is more common in women than in men, has not been determined yet. However, factors such as genetic factors, advanced age, sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, unhealthy diet, environmental factors and lifestyle are risk factors for Alzheimer’s. said.

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Expressing that one of the most basic symptoms of Alzheimer’s from the first stage is forgetfulness, Neurology Specialist Dr. Kara stated that it is absolutely necessary to see a doctor in such complaints, “Loss of consciousness, difficulty in speaking and perception, forgetting current information, putting things in different places and forgetting, having trouble sleeping, changes in personality and behavior, having difficulty in recognizing oneself, not enjoying life, having difficulty in making decisions are the most important symptoms of this disease. People with these symptoms should consult a specialist doctor without wasting time. he said.


Providing information on how Alzheimer’s is diagnosed, Dr. Dr. Attila Kara, “There is no differential diagnostic test that can provide definitive information for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. For this reason, after taking a detailed history by the neurologist, to support the diagnosis; Ultrasonography, computed tomography, MR imaging, blood tests can be applied. After the examinations, the final diagnosis is made as a result of the evaluations made by the specialist physician. made a statement.

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In Alzheimer’s disease; Expressing that they plan treatment considering the age of the patient, the level of progression of the disease and other diseases, Neurology Specialist Dr. Attila Kara, “There is no definitive cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but medication and symptomatic treatments can help reduce these problems. Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease differs according to the current state of the disease. Current treatment methods can only slow the progression of the disease. With this feature, it is aimed to reduce the patient’s complaints. Healthy eating, exercise, quitting smoking and not using alcohol, reading books, games that develop intelligence; It prevents Alzheimer’s disease, and this disease can be delayed with the right treatment method. said.



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