Attention: you will be flashed day and night on E314 working in Boorsem (Maasmechelen)

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The works on the E314 in Boorsem will be monitored for a whole year. Mobile route control is also being used for the first time in Limburg. Tuesday – day 2 of the works – there was already a first check. 7.3% of the checked vehicles drove faster than allowed.

Mireille Maes in Zahra Boufker

Thursday 13 January 2022 at 15:29

During the checks on Tuesday just after the evening rush hour in the direction of the Netherlands, the mobile radar was flashed. 4,098 vehicles were checked, 300 drove faster than the allowed 70 km/h. “The highest recorded speed was 118 km/h. Far too fast, there is no discussion about that, but we do find that almost 93% of the drivers adhere to the imposed speed of 70 km/h, the latter already reassures us a bit,” said Commissioner Gerry Peeters, head of department at the Limburg Road Police.

The check was the first in a long line that will happen during works – in the two directions of travel. “The super speed camera and the mobile route control will be put into service on Friday. The section control is one of the newer control methods that can be used in places where inspections can be carried out for a longer period of time, such as in Boorsem, where the works take longer. Because such a device must be calibrated correctly. For shorter periods there are other better ways such as radar.”

“We hope to increase safety by checking a lot during the works,” says Commissioner Gerry Peeters.

“We hope to increase safety by checking a lot during the works,” says Commissioner Gerry Peeters. © ZB


By checking for speed on three fronts, the message is: keep to the 70 km/h while the works are underway. Because the chance that you will be flashed is very high. “We have learned certain lessons from the past about how to improve safety on the motorway at work. Good alignment is one of them. But the method by which we check is also one. The advantage of such a section control is that drivers pass the works at a moderate speed. And in this way you avoid an ‘accordion effect’, also in the places where the lanes are staggered.”


In addition, safety on the construction site for road workers is also improved. “Because working in a place where traffic passes far too quickly is not pleasant. But the safety distance between vehicles – tailgating – and the use of mobile phones behind the wheel are also things that we check there on a very regular basis. They are all violations that can lead to accidents. By focusing on this, we hope to make the Boorsem yard a safe yard,” concludes the commissioner.


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