attentive to this curiosity with a “Kojima touch”

One of the first adventures of Solid Snake marked the community by the ingenious battle against Psycho Mantis.

Hideo Kojima He is one of the most imaginative minds in the video game industry, a characteristic that he had already cultivated during the development of Metal Gear Solid. Because, although the title has surprised us with the radio frequency to call Meryl, located on the game’s cover, or the iconic battle against Psycho Mantis, now fascinates us once again with another most extravagant idea. Yes, a secret discovered 23 years after its launch.

We warn that from here we touch lightly the agitated field of the spoilers. In one of the final phases of the game, there is a chase in which we escape aboard a car armed with an attached machine gun. Along the tunnel we go through, we must shoot down the soldiers who stand in the way, always checking in to Snake. But now the speedrunner PlatonicGuy has discovered that we can switch the controller to port 2 to handle those enemy soldiers involved in the scene.

This curiosity is very similar to the confrontation with Psycho Mantis, since this psychic was able to avoid all our attacks until we changed command to port 2, which was understood as that said enemy was no longer able to read Snake’s thoughts. This detail deeply marked the community not only for its extreme difficulty, but also because the villain broke the fourth wall and read the PlayStation save files, which unlocked extra dialog if we had games in other Konami games.

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Of course, a closely guarded secret that has remained hidden to this day, demonstrating the ingenuity of the developers to incorporate a curiosity of such caliber. And maybe we still have more details to discover in Kojima’s games, as he has had no qualms about commenting crazy ideas that, supposedly, they were never implanted in their games. On the other hand, the gaming community has shown that it loves to rummage through every pixel in video games, which has given us even 8 really hidden secrets in several deliveries.

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